Find Critical Lines of Attack. Win Your Battle of the Experts.

Winning the "battle of the experts" is by no means guaranteed. When attacking your opponent, you can't afford to leave any vulnerabilities unchallenged. Your client's fortunes depend on your diligence.

JuriLytics Rebutl provides an easy and devastating method to obtain critiques of your opponent's expert. By using top specialists who have researched and published in the field of interest, we provide multiple structured critiques to mold your winning strategy quickly.

JuriLytics Rebutl Process

Submit Report

Submit Opposing Expert Report

Submit an opposing expert's report to our Rebutl Platform. JuriLytics Rebutl should only be used for opposing expert reports that are not under protective order. For other peer review requests, use Custom Peer Review.

Submit Report

Pick A Plan

Pick Your Plan

  • The Basic Plan sends the report to 2 specialists for review. They receive a basic questionnaire. You'll receive critiques within 3 weeks or your money back.
  • The Structured Plan sends the report to 2 specialists for review. They receive a customized questionnaire with targeted questions developed by JuriLytics with your input. You'll receive critiques within 2 weeks or your money back.
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Reviewer Search

Reviewer Search

After receiving the expert report, JuriLytics gets to work. We use our proprietary algorithm to find the best researchers in the field to provide you with critical insight. We don't use an expert directory. We find the best in the U.S., no matter who they are. Sometimes, independent reviewers will even cite each other's work.

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Questionnaire Creation

Asking the Right Questions (Structured Plan Only)

Attorneys know the importance of asking the right questions. We've improved the academic peer review process to derive the most legally relevant critiques from our reviewers. These insights will help you stay focused, whether you are attacking general causation, methodology, or specific causation.

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Deliver Critiques

Quick Critiques

Rebutl results are available within 2-3 weeks, depending on the plan you choose. Sometimes, the results come even sooner. We always aim to decrease turnaround time, because we know time can be the single most important resource in litigation.