Peer Review Made for Lawyers

JuriLytics Rebutl provides complete and customized peer critiques of opposing expert reports. These critiques can be used to devastate opposing experts at deposition, Daubert/Frye hearings, and trial. Our keen commentary comes from the specialist researchers we hire. Using our proprietary algorithm, we find the best published experts in any field, and ask them to work on your case blindly (i.e., they don't know who they are working for). Therefore, they are free from "groupthink" which might blind you to potential points of attack. Best of all, JuriLytics Rebutl only takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

To focus the energy of our reviewers, we provide them with questionnaires to help them structure their analyses in legally relevant ways. From basic science to the application to the case, we tease out each layer of expert bases like an onion to get to the root problems of the expert opinions. Organizing your depositions, Daubert/Frye briefs, and cross-exam will be a breeze.

Two Plans To Fit Your Needs

* The JuriLytics Rebutl Platform is only for opposing expert reports. If you are interested in another application of peer review, such as improvement of your own expert reports, use in Daubert/Frye motions, or another customized use case, please use our Custom Peer Review.

** The page limit applies only to report pages of the main body, not appendicies or summary of qualifications.