Expert opinions usually mash together methods, facts, and general science into opinions that can be hard to unpack and challenge. As a part of our peer review, we unpack expert opinions to expose the weaknesses. Based on our own research and analysis of hundreds of reports, we've created a basic framework (see white paper) to help you attack science at all levels, from general causation and methodology to specific causation and application to the case.

JuriLytics Rebutl Asks The Right Questions

Depending on the plan you choose, JuriLytics Rebutl will provide all reviewers with a set of questions to help them think through the expert report in a manner that will be maximally helpful to you.

Is your expert attack plan complete? Lost openings can lose cases.

JuriLytics Rebutl increases your expert attack surface so you can win. It's also easy and fast.

Example Questionnaires

Accident Reconstruction

Example report dealing with a truck/car accident.

(Report , Questionnaire )

Labor Economics

Example analysis of age discrimination in the mattress industry.

(Report , Questionnaire )


Toxicological analysis of OxyElite Pro supplement.

(Report , Questionnaire )

Radiation Exposure

Example radiation exposure assessment report.

(Report , Questionnaire )

How We Dissect Expert Opinion