We Find the Leading Minds in the Field.

We deliver valuable critiques because we find the best thought leaders in the field. Simply put, we don't constrain ourselves to expert directories. We strive to find the best people, and then contact them to work on your case.

We spent over a year developing our proprietary algorithm to find the best researchers in the field. Pulling from over 30 million peer reviewed publication abstracts, we rank each researcher based on how much they've published, how often they're cited, and various other metrics.

Our reviewers are IPCC Lead Authors.AAAS Fellows.APA Fellows.COSO Advisors.PCAOB Advisors.EPA Advisors.NSF Panelists.

When you've done research in the field, you understand the attack points well. Our reviewers have been known to cite each other within knowing about the other's involvement.

Our Expert Location Algorithm