What is more important than your current case?

Your future cases. Expert testimony is powerful, and can make or break high-stakes litigation. Your opponent will do anything to discredit you, or worse, exclude your testimony. Can your career survive a mistake?

Daubert/Frye exclusion can destroy your hard-earned reputation in a single case. Your client might not always be incentivized to protect you if your testimony is strongly challenged. Now, you can keep your career in your own hands.

How can peer review help?

When you publish, peer review (both friends/colleagues and formal reviewers) is inevitably used to make sure your arguments and analysis are sound. All researchers can cite examples where mistakes were caught by peers. Moreover, peers help to clarify arguments and present data in the best light possible.

In research, published mistakes are usually corrected in errata with minimal reputational or professional risk. In litigation, even the smallest error or unfounded assertion can be fodder for the opposing side to discredit you, or possibly exclude your testimony.

Circuits and Law

Prevent Challenges

Preparing expert reports involves input from many documents, sources, and people. With tight deadlines and pressure from the client, its easy to lose sight of fundamental considerations under Daubert/Frye. Are my opinions generally accepted? What weaknesses will the opposition exploit? Is my report prone to challenge? Draft Report Review is aimed at helping you avoid scientific and technical pitfalls and boost your confidence knowing mainstream science supports your position.

Defeat Daubert/Frye motions to exclude

Despite your best efforts, you've become the subject of a Daubert/Frye motion. When your testimony and reputation as an expert is called into question, relying on your client and your own defense is not enough. Final Report Review is directly aimed at evaluating admissibility criteria. Neutral, unbiased support for your opinions is the ONLY logical way to gain peace of mind that your credibility and career as an expert witness are secure.