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Cases using phrasing similar to:
"Under the Oregon Evidence Code and traditional evidence law, expert testimony is admissible if it is relevant under OEC 401 and will help the trier of fact in deciding a disputed issue."

  State v. Lyons - OR

Decided: 10/11/1996

In Brown, this court abandoned special tests for the admissibility of scientific evidence in favor of resolving the problem by relying on traditional evidence law as codified in the Oregon Evidence Code (OEC), specifically OEC 401 (relevance), OEC 702 (opinions of experts), and OEC 403 (exclusion of relevant evidence on ground of prejudice, confusion or undue delay). ... Both parties' experts testified that scientists conducting DNA research agree that the PCR method accurately and reliably replicates small samples of DNA. Gerdes, defendant's expert witness, testified that he had no problem with the validity of the PCR-based DNA tests.

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  State v. O'KEY - OR

Decided: 9/1/1993

A number of experts testified that nonalcohol induced jerk nystagmus caused by disease or brain damage occurs in three to four percent of the population, although it is generally nonsymmetrical (one eye only), whereas alcohol-induced nystagmus is the same in both eyes. ... Typically, scientific evidence is presented by an expert witness who can explain data or test results and, if necessary, the scientific principles that are said to give the evidence its reliability or accuracy.

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