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Cases using phrasing similar to:
"OEC 608(2) expressly prohibits the admission of evidence of specific instances of conduct of a witness for the purpose of attacking or supporting the credibility of the witness."

  State v. Lyons - OR

Decided: 10/11/1996

In Brown, this court abandoned special tests for the admissibility of scientific evidence in favor of resolving the problem by relying on traditional evidence law as codified in the Oregon Evidence Code (OEC), specifically OEC 401 (relevance), OEC 702 (opinions of experts), and OEC 403 (exclusion of relevant evidence on ground of prejudice, confusion or undue delay). ... Both parties' experts testified that scientists conducting DNA research agree that the PCR method accurately and reliably replicates small samples of DNA. Gerdes, defendant's expert witness, testified that he had no problem with the validity of the PCR-based DNA tests.

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  Lee v. Martinez - NM

Decided: 7/14/2004

In Galbreth, Judge Vasquez admitted the expert opinion testimony of Dr. Raskin, the nation's leading supporter of the validity of polygraph evidence, after finding it met the reliability criteria of Rule 702 and Daubert as well as being more probative than prejudicial under Rule 403. ... The hearing below was not the first time that Dr. Iacono and Dr. Honts have been on opposing sides in the debate over the admissibility of polygraph examination results. Compare David C. Raskin, Charles R. Honts & John C. Kircher, The Scientific Status of Research on Polygraph Techniques: The Case for Polygraph Tests, in 1 Modern Scientific Evidence: The Law and Science of Expert Testimony § 14-2.0 (David L. Faigman et al. eds., 1997); with William G. Iacono & David T. Lykken, The Scientific Status of Research on Polygraph Techniques: The Case Against Polygraph Tests, in 1 Modern Scientific Evidence, supra, § 14-3.0. Based on the foregoing, we cannot conclude that the control question polygraph has been generally accepted within the scientific community.

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