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"Though the only circuit ruling on the admissibility of voiceprints has found them inadmissible, United States v. Addison, 498 F.2d 741 (D.C.Cir. 1974), aff'g 337 F.Supp. 641 (D.D.C. 1972), other courts are somewhat divided over, but the trend favors, the admissibility of voiceprints.[10]"

  United States v. McDaniel - Dist. of Columbia Circuit

Decided: 5/18/1976

Similarly, in a unanimous decision of the Fourth Circuit in Baller, Judge Butzner concluded that the reliability of spectrographic voice identification has been sufficiently proved to allow the jury to consider it on the theory that "it is better to admit relevant scientific evidence in the same manner as other expert testimony and allow its weight to be attacked by cross-examination and refutation." ... As part of the evidence identifying appellant as a participant in the December 12th conversation, and co-defendant Pizzati as a speaker in the December 19th call, the government offered the expert testimony of former Lt. Ernest Nash, of the Michigan State Police Department, a nationally recognized expert in spectrographic identification.

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