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"Here, however, plaintiffs make no serious argument that the epidemiological sample sizes have been too small to detect the relationship between Bendectin and birth defects, a relationship that has been studied for hundreds of thousands of subjects."

  Awad v. Merck & Co., Inc. - 2nd Circuit

Decided: 8/31/1999

He reviewed her records and read medical literature (some of which was provided to him and some of which he researched himself), the depositions of Drs. White and Stephenson (Merck experts), pre-licensing application documents from Merck, and a survey of post-licensing adverse reaction reports. ... Merck argues that plaintiff's experts' opinions rest on scientifically inadequate bases such as the temporal relationship between Awad's vaccination and the onset of her joint pain and the potential relationship between rubella vaccines and chronic arthritis, which Merek says Awad has never been diagnosed as having.

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