Sentence-Level Analytics

Often, case research is made difficult by the inability to find the most important parts of a case, including important phrases that get cited often. How is the phrase used in other cases? How were subsequent cases disposed of? Sentence level analytics allows you to quickly discover the full universe of cases that rely on specific language, and help you to find distinguishing cases to support your briefs.

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JuriLytics Daubert Explorer

Daubert by Federal Circuit

Disposition Analysis

Which circuits are liberal? Which circuits are more prone to excluding experts? Which judges support exclusion or admission? When you are facing an appeal regarding Daubert, this aggregate information can help you inform your client of your strategy and chances of winning. Make sure you and your clients are making an informed decision.

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Subject Matter Categorization

Daubert involves a vast multitude of expertise. Arguing your case could very well depend on case law with subject matter expertise similar to your own case. Finding this case law is not always easy since adjacent/related subject matter isn't always easy to pinpoint. Our new hierarchical subject matter tagging system will ensure you don't miss relevant case law.

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Daubert by Subject Matter