Measuring the Expertise in Expert Opinions

We provide custom solutions that utilize blind peer review to attorneys and judges. Using Custom Peer Review, our clients obtain a deep level of understanding related to the strengths and weaknesses of expert opinions. The key to our customized solutions in the ability to specifically tailor each case for the necessary use case. Custom Peer Review is always blind - reviewers do not ever know who commissioned the peer review, nor the author of the expert report. However, we can ask reviewers to attack reports, provide constructive criticism, or just provide a neutral evaluation of the expert report's compliance to accepted standards in the field.

Custom Peer Review Use Cases

Excluding An Expert

Litigators can obtain court-ready blind and neutral Peer Reviews of an opponent's expert report to support or defend Daubert/Frye motions to exclude.

Technical Advisor

Judges have used JuriLytics as a technical advisor to the court to help resolve complex Daubert motions. Read more about Judge Mozingo's use of JuriLytics, which was cited by the MS Supreme Court as a basis for affirming his expert exclusion.

Pressure Testing

Litigators/Fortune 100's have used us to pressure-test their own expert's opinions. Anticipating the opposition provides actionable intelligence so you can bolster vulnerable positions.

Scientific Critique

Litigators/Fortune 100's have also used us to find flaws in the opposing side's positions