Missouri Legislature Votes to Tighten Expert Witness Rules

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In late April, Missouri legislators approved a bill that would it make more difficult for expert witnesses in Missouri state court trials to be allowed to testify. The bill, passed 85-68 by the Republican-controlled House, would change the requirements for expert testimony to be admissible by requiring a judge to determine that the testimony is:

A Brief History of Expert Peer Review

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Expert peer review is in a constant state of evolution, but where did it all start?
Scholarly peer review is the process of subjecting an author's work to the scrutiny of those considered to be experts in the field, with the primary intent of evaluating its fitness for publication. Although the first record of pre-publication peer review dates back to 1665, the first peer-reviewed publication can be found in a 1731 edition of Medical Essays and Observations published by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Medical Expert Witness Confusion: Insight into the Limits of Medical Expertise from the Fight Over the U.S. Dietary Guidelines

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It should come as no surprise that many complex litigation matters are decided not based on which attorney best understands the laws, or how impressive the opening and closing arguments are to the jury. Instead, when a decision goes before a jury - whether it be an IP case, a complex tort matter, and so on - that jury is often considering which side’s expert witnesses made the most compelling arguments and withstood cross-examination without losing credibility.

When Expert Testimony Backfires: A Look Back at Dennis Fung and the OJ Simpson Case

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It is fair to say the most talked-about new TV show of 2016 thus far has been FX’s American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson. Although the now-concluded show didn’t necessarily detail any new facts about the case, its brilliant staging and retelling of the “trial of the century” that held American’s attention in 1995 brought out so many formerly front-page headlines from that case that may have been forgotten among the saga’s bigger moments.