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Welcome to our blog! Here, you can find updates on the latest issues revolving around science and law. The struggle for U.S. court systems to integrate quality science into the law has been long. The struggle still continues. Scientists fundamentally study phenomenon on a generalized scale, trying to extrapolate individual data into predictive and useful theories. Yet the legal system demands the opposite inference: how can a general theory be applied to individual cases[1]? How can a generalized risk for leukemia be applied to a factory worker who is exposed to benzene?

Here at JuriLytics, our mission is to bring the best scientists (the ones that study and publish on the relevant topic) to bear on these legal questions. By not knowing which side they are working for (a "blinded" evaluation), they can bring the mainstream state-of-the-art science to a judge's attention. Did "Expert A" properly apply "Study X" to this case? or are there material differences between the science and the case at hand? These types of questions transcend any one particular case, and therefore are the purview of a judge's "gatekeeping" obligation under Daubert .

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