How do you gain the winning edge?


You hired your top-notch expert because she agrees with your litigation position. But the other side hired an expert that contradicts your own. "Expert biases may be the subject of cross-examination in trials, but that is typically a zero-sum game, since both litigants tend to exploit these biases2." What is your edge?


Expert witness peer review gives you the upper hand over your opponent. Blind and unbiased peer reviews can be used pre-trial as a devastating basis to exclude your opponent's expert.

Solidify Your Initial Report

Your initial expert disclosure sets the tone of the battle. Is it strong enough to withstand scrutiny? What questions can you expect during cross-examination? Early assessment of expert reports via Draft Report Review, much like journal publications, can find subtle or serious flaws and "bullet-proof" expert reports. Better yet, peer review can suggest compelling arguments you might not have thought to include.

Win Daubert/Frye Motions

Do you want to exclude your opposition's expert? Is your expert being challenged via Daubert or Frye? When faced with a “battle of the experts,” a judge’s job in deciding admissibility is inexact. JuriLytics upends a party’s traditional approach to Daubert and Frye. When a litigator wants to get an opposing expert excluded, we arrange a blind peer review of the opposing expert's report under work-product protection. If the peer review is critical, work-product protection can be waived, resulting in a devastating basis for exclusion. Final Report Review gives you an unprecendented edge over your opposition and helps judges make the right decision in your favor.

When Should you Engage JuriLytics?

Litigation Begins

Expert Retained

Expert Report Filed

Final Report Review (FR2)

  • Evaluate an expert's opinions under Daubert/Frye for use in a motion
  • Double-blind reviewer selection by neutral party
  • Best-in-field peer reviewers
  • Can be cited or kept confidential at client's discrection


What Attorneys Say

JuriLytics strengthened our confidence in the positions our expert was taking. They did a great job of finding us three reviewers for our expert’s report — even over the winter holiday. All this was achieved for under the (modest) budget quoted. We and our clients are very satisfied with JuriLytics. This was our first experience. We will be back.

Litigator Representing a Fortune 100 Client