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    Science relies on peer review.
    You should too.
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    Distinguishing Admissibility vs. Weight: Our Peer Review Process
    Craft Winning Daubert Motions By Considering the Structure of Expert Opinions.
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    Pomona v. SQM
    Professor Faigman submits amicus brief featuring JuriLytics.
    Ninth Circuit to consider protracted battle of the experts.
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    Experts are hired when they agree with a litigating party.
    But is that expert in the mainstream?
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Peer Review is for attorneys. judges.experts.

Expert Exclusion

Blind peer review provides a devastating basis to support or defend expert challenges (i.e. Daubert/Frye)

Technical Advice

Judges have used us help them resolve complex Daubert motions

Pressure Testing

Litigators/Fortune 100's have used us to pressure-test their own expert's opinions

Scientific Critique

Litigators/Fortune 100's have also used us to find flaws in the opposing side's positions

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